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Introduction to the School of Information Science and Technology

  • 范姝
  • 2021-04-01
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The School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) has the mission of creating knowledge by conducting advanced research, disseminating knowledge by providing high-quality education to our students, and converting knowledge by transferring innovative technology into social productivity.



The School's research aims at the international frontier of science and technology as well as the primary demand of the country. It fully exploits the advantage of combining science and engineering. The School is in the forefront of the world-class research in many areas, such as voice information processing, multimedia computing and communication, wireless communication technology and mobile communication network, network architecture and application of new media, electromagnetic field theory and microwave/millimeter wave technology, advanced process control and system modeling, integrated circuit design, biomedical engineering, and so on. In these research fields and directions, the School has numerous key research projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Science and Technology, and other government agencies. In recent years, the School has gained eight major research awards, including two Second Prizes for advancing National Science and Technology. In the School, there is a National Engineering Laboratory in Voice and Language Technology. There are three key laboratories at the level of ministry and province in the areas of Multimedia Computing and Communication, Wireless Network Communication, and Network Communication System and Control.



The School provides the students with well-designed education in modern information science and technology as well as extensive experimental training. The School pays great attention to basic theories and puts emphasis on combining science with technology. As to talent cultivation, the School explores changing the traditional way of educating students majored in engineering. The School's teaching and experiment centers on circuit and system, theory and system of microcomputers, electronic information, automation, electronic system design, digital signal processing, and information security are all at the leading level. Moreover, letting senior undergraduate students directly participate in scientific research has always been a good tradition. In this way, the students may contact the frontier of science and technology and receive fine training on research and engineering. As a result, the students of the School are very active in various scientific and technological activities and have obtained many excellent results.


Technology Transfer

The School has had active technology transfer activities for many years. An example is the success of the spin-off company – Anhui USTC iFlyTek Co. Ltd. The School is going through a process of organizing its technology transfer activities into an institute of advanced research and development.



There are three departments and two secondary schools in the School, namely Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science, Department of Automation, Department of Electronic Science and Technology, School of Microelectronics, and School of Cyberspace Security. There are 78 professors and 93 associate professors. Among them, there is one Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, two University Chair Professors, and seven MoE "New Century Excellent Talent" Professors.