Courses for Control Science and Engineering


Basic Courses
CN05101 Stochastic Process Theory(4)
CN05102 Linear System Theory(3)
CN05103 Pattern Recognition(3)
CN05111 Algebra in Control Theory(3)
CN05112 Consolidation and Functional(4)
CN05113 Modern Signal Processing Technology and Its Applications(3)
CN05114 Introduction to System Engineering(3)
CN05115 Intelligent System(3)
CN05116 Advanced Computer Networks(2)
CN05117 Advanced Information Theory(3)
CN05118 Introduction to Modern Detection Techniques(3)
CN05119 Aircraft Dynamics and Control(4)
CN06101 Mathematical Theory of Control Science(3)
Major Courses
CN04131 Nonlinear Control Systems(3)
CN04132 Optimization Method(3.5)
CN04133 Stochastic Estimation and Control(2)
CN04134 System Identification(2.5)
CN04135 Adaptive Control(2.5)
CN04136 Motion Control(2)
CN04161 Queuing and Queuing Network(2)
CN04162 Image Measurement Technology(3.5)
CN05131 Computer Control Engineering(3)
CN05132 Intelligent Sensor System(3)
CN05133 Artificial Intelligence(3)
CN05134 Advanced Database Systems(3.5)
CN05135 Combinatorics(3)
CN05136 Design and Analysis of Algorithms(3)
CN05137 Advanced Process Control(2)
CN05138 Optimal Control(2)
CN05139 Predictive Control(2)
CN05140 Biomedical Electronics(3)
CN05141 Decision Support System(3)
CN05161 Machine Learning and Data Mining(3)
CN05162 Intelligent Control(3)
CN05163 Robotics(3)
CN05164 Navigation System(3)
CN05165 Remote Sensing and Telemetry(2)
CN05166 Theoretical Mechanics(3)
CN05167 Robust Control(3)
CN05168 Automation Devices and Systems(3)
CN05169 Discrete Mathematics(3)
CN05170 System Simulation Modeling and Analysis(3)
CN05171 Petri nets(2)
CN05172 Multi-Agent Theory and Applications(2)
CN05173 Embedded Microprocessors and Field bus(2)
CN05174 Computer Vision(3)
CN05175 Modern Fault Diagnosis Technology(2)
CN05176 Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems(3.5)
CN05177 Theory and Applications of 16/32-bit Embedded System(3.5)
CN06102 Seminar on Control Science and Engineering(2)

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