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Courses for Biomedical Engineering

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  • 2011-04-25
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Basic Courses
BM05101 Biomedical Signal Processing(4)
BM05102 Biomedical Information Detection and System Design(4)
ES25201 Information Transmission and Modern Communication(4)
ES25203 Advanced Electronic Circuits(4)
ES25204 Image Analysis/Processing(4.5)
ES25205 Stochastic Process and Random Signal Processing(3)
ES25206 Pattern Recognition(3)
BI05101 Molecular Biology of the Cell(4)
Major Courses
BM05110 Some Cutting-edge Biomedical Engineering(3)
BM05113 Fourier Ultrasound Imaging(3)
ES25208 Computer Network Technology and Applications(4)
ES25211 Engineering Database(3)
ES25213 Intelligent Optimization Methods(2)
BI74201 Bioinformatics(2)
CS05141 Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery(3)
PH65201 Biomedical Ultrasound Engineering(3)
PH65211 Modern Medical Equipment(3)
BM06101 Biomedical Signal and Information Processing(2)
BM06102 Seminar on Cutting-edge Biomedical Engineering(2)
BM06103 Bioinformatics Literatures’ reading and analysis(2)
BM06104 Research of System Biology(2)