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Courses for Information and Communication Engineering

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  • 2011-04-25
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Basic Courses 
IN05101 Information Communication Networks(3.5)
IN05102 Digital Signal Processing(3)
IN05111 Modern Communication System(3)
IN05112 Intelligent Information Processing(3.5)
IN05113 Digital Image Analysis(3.5)
IN05114 Coding Theory(3)
Major Courses
IN04101 Theory and Applications of Wireless Communication(3)
IN04102 Information Statistic Analysis(3)
IN05121 Mobile Communication Engineering(3)
IN05122 Software Engineering(2.5)
IN05123 Multimedia Communication(2.5)
IN05124 Computer Graphics(2.5)
IN05125 Wavelet Transform and Its Applications(2.5)
IN05131 Higher-Order Spectral Analysis(3)
IN05132 Multi-Rate Digital Signal Processing(2)
IN05133 CDMA Communication Technology(2)
CN05112 Consolidation and Functional(4)
ES14202 Express Electronics(3)
CN05101 Stochastic Process Theory(4)
IN06101 Seminar on Information and Communication Engineering(2)
IN06102 Speech Signal and Information Processing(2)