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Introduction to the Department of Electronics Science and Technology

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  • 2011-05-20
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Department of Electronic Science and Technology belongs to School of Information Science and Technology. The department has two major academic disciplines: "Circuits and systems" and "Biomedical Engineering". It offers also a third Bachelor's degree program "Electronic Information Science and Technology". The department has about 40 staffs currently.


The primary academic discipline "Circuits and Systems" has right of issuing master and doctorate degrees. It is a key academic discipline of Anhui Province. The research areas of the faculty's expertise include: characterization and modeling of modern semiconductor devices for IC design, radio frequency IC design, large-scale IC& system design, digital signal processing and intelligent information processing. We educate professionals on high-quality system-level IC design and signal/information processing who can engage in IC cutting-edge research and have the ability of system design and algorithm innovation. With experience of embedded system design, they master the advanced application system design technology and can carry out structural design of complex systems and software and hardware co-design.


The secondary academic discipline "biomedical engineering" has right of issuing master and doctorate degrees. The research areas of the faculty's expertise include: biomedical signal (EEG, EMG, ECG, etc) processing, cryo-biomedical engineering (Cryo-BME), artificial organs, rehabilitation engineering, new types of medical ultrasound imaging systems, the mechanism of brain function and cognition research, medical image processing, bioinformatics and systems biology. We educate high-level talents who have solid theoretical foundation and systematic expertise. Comprehending new development and new trends in the field of biomedical engineering, they can engage in biomedical engineering research and specialized technical job independently.


Bachelor's degree program "Electronic Information Science and Technology" are committed to the education of professional talents who have firm and rich background knowledge in mathematics and physics. With solid basic knowledge of electronics/information discipline and strong ability of electronic system design/computer application, they have rich experiences on scientific thinking, experiments and scientific research training. The graduated students can perform scientific research and application development in the field of electronic information. To meet the country’s urgent need of a large number of high-quality IC system design talents, we rely on existing academic disciplines by consolidating and improving the professional foundation curriculum system. At the same time, we set up integrated circuit design and related professional courses in the program, and establish a relatively flexible and comprehensive system of professional courses by taking into account the diversity of student interest and future development needs. In addition, we train students in the actual practical ability and teamwork ability by encouraging students to take part in robot competition, electronic design contest, and other science and technology competitions. We also encourage students to enter scientific research laboratories and participate in scientific research work, and organize students to practice in other professional practice bases in institutes and companies.


Over the past decade, the staff of the department undertook research projects assigned by the various National ministries, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, "973", "863", National Defense Pre-research, etc., and achieved a great number of high level and influential results.