Application of information technology to agriculture


Greenhouse climate control is an efficient tool for manipulating crop growth, increasing the yield, improving quality of greenhouse crops, regulating production cycle and improving economic benefit. The system of greenhouse microclimate can measure outside temperature, air humidity, illumination, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, and indoor temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration and global solar radiation. The controlled environment agriculture group focuses on modeling and control of greenhouse microclimate based on hybrid system theory, deep flow technique in the soilless culture and the measurement of the growth nutrition condition, etc.
The technology of wireless sensor networking brings unprecedented data acquisition abilities. Meanwhile, challenges of data fusion also emerge as the networks are resource-limited and vulnerable. The wireless sensor networking group focuses on the design of energy-efficient, scalable, and robust in-network data fusion algorithms, as well as the applications in precise agriculture, smart grid, coal mine security, etc.
Image Spectrometer is the combination of the spectral technology and the imaging technology. Not only the spatial information, but also the spectral information of the object can be acquired simultaneously. It was widely used in military, remote sensing, agriculture, etc.





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