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Hefei boasts more than 200 various kinds of science and research institutes including Hefei institutes of Physical Science, CAS, and almost 100 institutions of higher learning and technical colleges including USTC. In the universities, there are 138 authorized PHD degree-grating units and 24 recognized state key science subjects. Hefei ranks forefront compared with other similar cities in middle China in terms of CAS and CAE academician numbers for it has 31 in total. It also leads other cities in middle China for the number of admitted members in the projects supported by "National Natural Science Fund" and in the CAS "100 People Program". There are 358 technical R&D establishments and over 300,000 technical professionals in Hefei as well.


►Scientific Research Facilities

Next to the capital city Beijing, Hefei is the most condensed city in terms of the layout of the national key science  projects in China. It is the home to Hefei-based National Lab for Physical Science at the Microscale, State Key Labor of Fire Science, National Synchrotron Radiation Labor,High Performance Computing Center an other 33 provincial or ministerial key laboratories. The Hefei-based CAS institues of Plasma Physics is a chief partner of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Project.


►Sci-tech Innovation

As the first sci-tech innovation-type pilot city in China, Hefei has a long tradition and distinctive abilities in innovation. The very first air-conditioner, PC, air pollution monitoring laser radar, VCD player, automatic scrub-imitating washing machine and variable capacity refrigerator in China were all born in Hefei. Since 2001, Hefei Hi-Tech Fair has been held once a year in an attempt to create a platform for domestic and international investment in sci-tech projects, and turn the scientific and technological advantages into industrial and economic competitiveness so as to promote the products both "Made in Hefei" and "Created in Hefei" in the market.

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